Janson Bridging Defense Services (JDS) offers defense organizations a unique proposition restoring and maintaining dual-use line of communication routes in theater, supporting both civilian and military traffic.

We offer an extensive portfolio of the best in market bridging solutions, guaranteed availability throughout Europe under Service Level Agreements and extensive institutional knowledge transfer, establishing a well-adaptable and resilient bridging crew. We offer an innovative logistic concept using fit-for-purpose military mobility solutions designed for every modern engineers corps.

Janson’s extensive in-house design & engineering capacity provides knowledge transfer to Army Corps of Engineers around the world, working on client project requirements, new product features, new bridging concepts & innovations.

Janson Bridging’s portfolio is focused on sustainment of defense organizations by its ability to facilitate the uninterrupted flow of forces, equipment, allied-, coalition- and host nation forces as well as civilian movements.

Janson Bridging Defense Services

  • Fit-for-purpose mobility solutions 
  • Both civilian and military application
  • Extensive portfolio 
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Extensive knowledge transfer



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