Emergency bridge Copenhagen Airport

In October 2019, we were contacted because our client was looking for a solution to install a temporary pedestrian bridge across an approximately 50 meter wide construction pit, to provide an emergency escape route from Terminal 2 to the platform. The bridge should comply to the Eurocode and should meet the IFD-principles (Industrial, Flexible and Demountable).

In full cooperation with Per Aarsleff A/S we have worked out a two span footbridge with a total length of 52,3 meter and a walkable width of 3 meter.

The bridge was prefabricated in the Netherlands, transported on two trucks to Copenhagen, and installed on September 9 - 2020 within 3 hours.

For the aerial pictures we want to thank our client Per Aarsleff and Luftfotodanmark.
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Project details

Pedestrian bridge
Emergency Footbridge
Total bridge length
52,3 meter
Modular field length
3,05 meter
3 meter
Pedestrian bridge